Information on Ronald McDonald House Charities

The Ronald McDonald House Charities, or the RMHC, is a non-profit organization with operations in over 50 countries. Their goal is to ensure that the basic needs of children are met while improving their overall well-being. The RMHC generates their funds through donations from private individuals and corporations, with McDonalds as their biggest supporter and donor.

The RMHC was officially established in 1984 to commemorate the life of Ray Kroc, the man who founded McDonald's and who is remembered for his passion in helping children. The RMHC has three core programs, which focus on distributing healthcare and comfort to children and families at a fair cost or no cost at all. It is part of RMHC policy to provide care regardless of a child’s ability to pay. The bill is usually covered by the donations made to the RMHC.

There are three core programs, which the RMHC focuses on, these include:

To date, McDonalds alone has raised hundreds of millions in dollars for their cause, greatly helping children in need around the world. Those interested in helping the RMHC can make donations or volunteer to help. The easiest way to help would be to donate some money in one of the many donation boxes found in all McDonald's restaurants, or even do simple things like buy a Scentsy Cause Buddy from Scentsy where 100% of the net proceeds from the sale go directly to the organization.

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